The Eyes And Ears Of The Newsroom
June 25, 2007

By Paul Bromley, Viewers' Editor

You've sent in hundreds of pictures and video of the flooding in parts of Britain.

They've helped us build up a picture of the devastation across the country - and we've used as many as we can on Sky News TV and on the website.

The big change I've noticed today is the use of our MMS number 84501 as the means by which viewers have contributed their pictures. At a rough guess, I would say that about a third of the material today has come in through MMS.

This is a sign of the times - even the most basic mobile phone these days has a camera and video facility on it.

It means that anyone, anywhere, any time can submit material to us.

It's a growing trend towards a larger slice of so-called user-generated content in news programmes. Other recent examples include the Cutty Sark fire and building collapse in central London.

So you are the eyes and ears of the newsroom.

Written by Sky News, June 25, 2007


hi i live in the isle of man and just before 01.00am this morning we did wonder what was going on. it wasnt until putting the news on that we found out what we felt and heard. was an earthquake. hope there isnt to much damage in the uk. and that no one is seriously injured.

Comment on the "doctor terrorists" by Martin Wilt on 3 July ... I thought that as well.

And what is also "confusing" is why no-one got suspicious when the "doctors" left their houses to go to work dressed in their scrubs (hospital uniforms) ... surely doctors put these on when they get to the hospital? Hygiene.

Can I comment on the outbreak of Foot & Mouth that has again reared its ugly head!

Back in the 1970s I lived in Swaziland and we used to go to Mozambique for holidays - where there was an outbreak of Foot & Mouth. I remember for several YEARS all cars and trucks through the border from Mozambique had to have their wheels sprayed AND we were not allowed to bring in ANY fruit or vegetables into Swaziland from Mozambique. The border police even once confiscated and hygenically disposed of a bacon sandwich that one of my friends had purchased at a cafe.

It surprises me therefore that the measures for controlling the F&M in Britain only last for a few short weeks.

I lost my 11 year old son Derek in 1991 the same year as my dearly beloved Daughter Clodagh was born. Derek was my ray of Sunshine and will never be replaced. Clo is so presious to me now and I hope someday Gerry & Kate will remember Madeline and see her in their other children. I hate to see what they are going through now but I hope that will change.


Has anyone thought to see if the deaths of any of the terrorist’s patients looked suspicious? As doctors, the terrorists probably had the opportunity to kill a number of people over the last two years.

Sir, how wonderful that the humble camera has allowed the delivery of elements “In Your Eyes”.

Naturally, the extent of the damge caused will dry up sooner, and allow “Peter Gabriel” to further enjoy the spectacular of http://www.sky.com .

By the sounds of it, it appears to be a fascinating dish from every angle.

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