The Facebook Craze
June 15, 2007

By Simon Bucks, Associate Editor

I am not sure how it started, but the Facebook craze is sweeping the media.

It probably began when the famed American blogger Jeff Jarvis wrote a piece in the Guardian about how he had become obsessed with the social networking website, originally built for students. At around the same time the Today programme did a feature about it.

Since Facebook opened its doors to anyone, its membership has ballooned. And leading the charge are members of the "mediarati" who have been joining in their droves. Most of them, it should be noted, are considerably older than your average student.

I took the plunge a week or so ago and I already have a host of friends, some of whom I actually know.

The viral nature of Facebook, a bit like a mass chain-letter, means that if you work at it you can gather new friends at the speed of light.

There's no doubt, it's a compelling proposition. People you may have known only tangentially in the past, suddenly have an intimate place in your life. By becoming friends, you are privy to their circle of friends, their interests, even what they are doing at any moment of the day.

Of course, it's a highly edited and often tongue-in-cheek representation of our lives. But I can't pretend that I don't find it intriguing.

The urge to check up on who has written on my wall, who has joined my groups, or just what they are doing at any particular moment, is hard to resist.

It's probably a fad which will pass. And my kids undoubtedly think I'm having a bizarre mid-life crisis.

But for the moment, it's a bit of harmless fun. I hope.

Written by Sky News, June 15, 2007


Re Madeleine McCann story:
No reporters or commentators have asked the most obvious question to date!
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I love facebook. I find myself browsing it at work. It becomes ever so slightly addictive, but a great way to keep in touch with people!

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