Our New Web TV Show
August 08, 2007

By Hugh Westbrook, Producer, Sky News Online

This week, we have given you something new on the Sky News Website - our first news bulletin written and produced exclusively for the web.

As well as rounding up the top news stories of the day, we also take a look at the wider world of the internet to see what people are watching around the web.

Watch Wednesday's bulletin here and then let us know what you think:

Written by Sky News, August 08, 2007


I suppose this has been axed then? After three bulletins? Or have you just hidden it somewhere where no one will ever find it?

With a bit of work it would have worked well but instead you just forgotten about it.

Yes, like the fact that each story/bulletin is short and to the point. Great look,Wow can Sky News get any better?

You should sort your software out on the 'politics section' mate!
Ever wonder why no new discussions are going up in it?
You have time to put to news bulletin written and produced exclusively for the web.But yet the discussion boards are falling down all over!

Proper shoddy mate it really is!

Love the logo...maybe it should be the logo on the TV?

Hiya-I love the innovation-but it has a really young feel-hence shouldn't a younger presenter -like one of the younger staff-be doing the bulletin (like ITN On)-after all, Martin Stanford is an outstanding presenter and serious heavy weight news contender. Nicollette Sloane

What another marvel from the world of Sky. If only I had http://www.sky.com/broadband then I'm sure I would be able to enjoy the added benefits.
Until then, "Whats Another Year-Johnny Logan".

I think the new web-bulletin from sky news is a great way to get up-to-date on the day's headlines in a matter of minutes.

I watched the first bulletin on the day it was posted and the one above and there already is a very big difference. First of all the second edition of the online bulletin has a better background (the world) and name tags. Secondly you know when the bulletin is going onto another story because of the 'Sky News - Online' animation. I did however prefer the bulletin with the digital sounding 'online' voice. I just think it adds another element which makes it slightly different to sky news on the TV.

Finally, the web bulletin involves the viewer by letting them know they can take part in online debates/discussions and of course read more about a story if they wanted to.

All together, the sky news online wed bulletin is a great way to get up to date on the latest headlines of the day and see what other people across the globe have been reading on the website that day.

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