Discussion Board Users - An Apology!
September 18, 2007

By Simon Bucks, Associate Editor

This is a heartfelt message to all users of the discussion boards - sorry!

We've had a few technical problems with them recently, and I know they have been running really slowly. So we have been working hard to come up with a way of getting them to work faster.

Our heroic developer Nav has been slaving away over a hot PC, along with his colleague Zoe. Nav stayed up till 2pm one night to change to the new system.

The trouble was that somewhere along the way some of the old threads got mislaid. So, now please just carry on using the boards, maybe with new threads picking up where the old ones left off.

Worse - a gremlin in the system started replacing perfectly innocuous words with asterisks. Nav ihas worked as hard as possible to fix the problems, and it should be OK now.

The main thing is that the boards should be more user friendly and a lot faster. Let us know here if you have any comments on the way they work.

Also, a heads up - our new photoboards "Your Photos" are launching any day soon. Keep an eye out for that and get ready to start uploading your photos.

Written by Sky News, September 18, 2007


Is it true that Capita, the company processing London's CC has had its contract terminated?

E HOLMES was talking about conservatives and david cameron like he talks about his beloved man u talk about bias it was blatant i usually enjoy him on breakfast news ,but very over the top

Just seen the outrageous attack by a Celtic supporter on the AC Milan goalkeeper. If this had been an English team, we would have been inundated with features on English hooligans and UEFA would have been talking about banning all English clubs from Europe. Celtic should be thrown out of the competition.

I have just seen the 7-45 am newspapers review with Adam Boulton.

Esther McVey was spot on with challanging Adam as to his MOCK" surprise at Liverpool having been selected as European Capital of Culture 2008.

The city is well known for pop culture and Football but there is so much more.

The two fantastic Cathedrasl, The "Three Graces" at The Pier Head, St Georges Hall, Speke Hall ,The Walker Art Gallery, The Musemums of the Liverpool, The Merseyside Maritime Museum and The Tate North, the New Slavery Museum and such a depth of History....
People in London need to remember you would not have the Tate or the Tate Modern if it had not been for Henry Tate a Liverpool Sugar Merchant.

Get with the times, Liverpool is a live vibrant fun destination and with Phil Redmond takeing over the Culture Company, all will be well for a year of celebration!"

what a waste of a day yesterday a reporter flew to morroco to intrude at a little farming family i do not think anyone would of beenbeen stupid enough to parade a missing child whose photo has been published all over the world in an area full of sightseers taking photos of the country and their cultures snapping cameras everywhere i think the police in portugal are doing their jobs right and they should now look closer to home the only 2 people who knows what happend are being treated like top class celebs and its all wrong they should be made to answer to somthing for maddies sake i said it then and i say it now to leave 3 children under 4 on their own is neglect and abuse anything could of happened to either of them children

Why is Sky News insisting on naming Burma as a country and not Myanmar ?
If it is their policy to not recognise countries until officially internationally recognised , then they should also name the " Occupied Territories " in Gaza and the West bank as " Egypt and Jordan " which is what they were before Israel was forced to move in.

Woh,why is Sky advertising -AND FOR ARGUMENTS!!!-on TV when that board is AGAIN out-of-order?got fixed,lasted half-a-day,broke again...While you're here,can you please add a few smileys and various icons for us to illustrate our posts?

A BIG HELLLOWW to ALL MY Friends,Ruby in-da-house tonight(That would be nice)HarvesMum,Willing,The Sage,Eliz 52,Ju,Poinksy,Pimlico,Mr Devy-Hun,Stephan,all the Others,and the new Ones,FunkyHunk,Mammy and All!

Take Care,see You soon guys Hopefully,Missing you All good Souls!

XXXfrom Magic Wand*


For any normal person it would be a knee jerk reaction to jump into flat calm water and save a young boy from drowning.Poor jordan has shown more courage and bravery in trying to save his sister than those inadaquates ever will,and he was only ten. Shame on you,being in any force is a vocation and these two "PCSO'S" are trying to be someone their not.

God bless Jordan.

Hello and thank You for taking care of the problems.i am SURE the new Photo idea will be of much use,well i cannot wait to see my Friends' faces on here!lol.
I wanted to draw attention onto another problem,which has nothing to do with technical points.Due to the temporary break of the Boards now,I cannot report the problem to Authorities,however,I do trust you to see to it:a poster calling himself "philagain" has dared abusing Madeleine MCCANN's NAME on the UK News Board,to trickily direct the public onto a You Tube VIDEO --against one religion!
The title of this discussion is :"What Do People On UK News Think About This Video?",a poster and myself have replied to the imposter straight away,therefore we made sure that his 2 initial posts which contain Maddy's name as an incentive to advertise,are now in quotes,which proves philagain's intentions.

This person has also been insulting a lot of people on the Politics board and appeals to others to follow on the insulting stance against anyone who doesn't share their views.
I do trust your judgement to act upon these low-minded and rude people who now think that Madeleine MCCANN is a product that can be used for political marketing and ads towards other issues.

Best Regards,
Keep on the Good Work,Thank You for reading,

Such is the wonder of modern technology, that many an enterprise during times of advanced traffic experiences such marvels of traffic restriction. Unlike othe such wonders of traffic, Sky has somehow restricted me from utilisng the said boards of discussion,whilst at the same time remains carbon neutral. However, as you took the trouble to continually inform unlike no other broadcaster, I shall gladly put this one down to another one of those "Michelle Weeks" whilst we "Dont Give Up".

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