iPhone fans get a 'rather pretty' Sky News
November 08, 2007

350skyiphone By James Weeks, Technology Manager

We are anticipating quite long queues in the next day or two, as the long-awaited Apple iPhone goes on sale in the UK.

While it isn't cheap, the iPhone is certainly a striking piece of kit with a sleek black screen and a minimalist look.

Sky's Ian Woods was allowed a peek a few days ago, and gives the new gadget a thorough going over on our technology pages.

But what Ian doesn't know is that our Research and Development team have been stroking Apple's first phone for even longer than he has.

When we saw one in the States, we were so impressed with the touch-screen that we decided to build a special version of the Sky News website, just for iPhone users.

It's a 'lite' version of the site you know and love: quick to load, easy to read and rather pretty. There are scrolling pages and nice big buttons.

Even fat-fingered readers like me can find their way around the latest breaking stories.

Of course, if you prefer full-fat mocha to skinny latte, our normal site is still available for mobile use, too. And it works rather well.

Now we've got the iPhone system up and running, we plan to make it better. Just today we noticed our podcasts play rather nicely on an iPhone, too, so we might add that in.

Plus, it is compatible with the iPod Touch, as it has a web browser built in.

The iPhone homepage is ready for you to play with now.

So: once you've got to the front of the queue and bought your new toy - why not put http://sky.com/news/iphone into your bookmarks straight away?

Written by Sky News, November 08, 2007


There is a lot of negative opinion here from people who haven't used an iPhone. Vodafone doesn't offer edge in the UK so the vodafone cracker doesn't know it's practically as fast as 3G. The n95 has a small screen, limited data tariffs, a poor interface, no multi touch interface, no iTunes support, sgocking battety in comparison to an iPhone and no virtual keyboard. The iPhone is a joy to use in comparison, is cheaper total cost, and is a better platform going forward.

I work for o2 and whereas we had a queue outside our door, I still purchased a Sony Ericsson K850i on a tariff better than is offered with the iPhone. There is no doubt that the iPhone is a revolutionary piece of kit, but there is far more better handsets out there! The iPhone is all about hype, fair enough, it has 8gb memory, but the Nokia N95 comes with a 8gb memory card if bought with us and has a 5 megapixel camera and the same features and more as the iPhone. Trust me, as a salesperson, the Nokia N95 is by far a better buy!

The iPhone rocks simple as i have had one here in the UK for a few months and I love it, you can even get Microsoft Outlook Web Access by using syncml.biz

I bouhht my iphone frm tanzania almost 2 months ago.. Excited when got it.. Now, it not all tht. It doesnt have simple features like forwarding a txt, videoing, no copying n pasting facility and so on..people hav to remember sony ericsson nokia are phones with the feature of music, iphone ipod first with an extra feature, the phone.. But its a must have gadget as part of a collection ..

Even as an Apple fan, I couldn't bring myself to fork out on the iPhone. As a company advertising itself as innovative, the iPhone fairs poorly. Why create something with so much potential, and cripple the features? Considering how much the device costs with a contract over 18 months, you wonder why they hadn't thrown in a better camera. A Flash. A memory card support. 3g. The list goes on. All Apple's BS about it being draining on the battery is lame, as it has never stopped them loading up their iPods with poor batteries or even their laptops. It's simply to cut costs and make a maximum return. Think about it, why else would you be tied down to an expensive tariff even after paying a premium for the phone? You are paying for the Apple logo and the right to claim you have one (and more fool you).

One more thing, as someone who buys and uses Macbook Pro laptops and iPods, I can tell you now for a fact that your expensive iPhones will be outdated this time next year, by which time the model we demanded will come out and you will still be on your extensive, overpriced tariffs.

I bought an iPhone in US, had the software cracked and was running it on Vodafone here. Beautiful looking thing with wonderfully slick interfaces but I have now sold it and got a Nokia N95 as there were too many issues such as:

Poor camera (No flash, 2 mega pixels)

Would only connect to PC by iTunes

No 3G support, only EDGE which is slow like GPRS

Texting on the virtual keypad was a nightmare

Good luck to those who but it - look out for many ending up on eBay...

When I heard about the Iphone I was going to get it on the 9th of November. but I looked into it and have decided not to the reason it dose not do mms or take video. I was very disapointed in that.Appel need to address this as most of the UK use mms and vieo to me it is a down grad to my Itouch and I am going to leep my N95

after seeing my son use his and all the goodies it comes with i cannot wait to get one

I have had a PDA and a Nokia 9500, they are all naff.they cost a fortune to buy and use.
Phones are for calling people.

Just tried it on my Nokia and on a PDA. It works well.

Why just an iPhone edition? What about a PDA (Windows Mobile) edition? We've had touch screens for years and a proper Windows Mobile version would be great!

This has to be the most hyped gadget on the planet. It really is 3 year old technology in a frock but since when has that bothered fashion victims. I'll stick with my N95 which can do everything the iPhone can and can also send MMS, texts to more than one person, GPS, 3G etc...... and I don't have to pay £269 for the phone. I got it for free.

As I was just saying that the best web site on this planet is that of http://www.sky.com/news and what a marvelous crew you lot are,considering the fact that you are the leading experts insofar as information technology, I am sure you would agree with me that an independent test (by myself) will provide further comfort to the fact that I will be very happy to receive it from whom so ever. (I'll even forgive Peter Erskine!)
So, as I turn a new leaf, how soon can I "Jump" the queue "Van Halen"? I could educate my self quicker and keep upto date with Sky throughout the course of the day!mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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