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December 18, 2007

350haveyoursay By Simon Bucks, Associate Editor

This year we have expanded opportunities for you to join the debate about the news. We have started new blogs and launched the discussion boards.

From this week we are adding a form at the foot of selected stories for you to add your comments. (There have been one or two technical glitches on these; sorry about that - I hope they will be fixed asap.)

These comments will be pre-moderated (as the blogs are) so  there will always be a delay in seeing them posted on the site.

If you want to comment about a story which doesn't have a form at the bottom, or you don't want to wait to see it posted, go to the discussion boards which are reactively moderated. They are also good if you want to get involved in a running debate on a particular issue.

We rely on the community to help moderate the discussion boards by flagging offensive comments and abuse.  It doesn't always work: a few people think it's amusing to mess things up by slagging off other people or reporting comments for no good reason.

However we'll persevere and try to develop better systems for dealing with trouble-makers. 

We want to make the Sky News website as interactive as possible. The Your Photos feature which we launched in September is very popular, with around 4,000 pictures submitted already, including some good ones of breaking news events.

Next year we have big plans to do even more. I am especially keen to get you more involved in our news-gathering and I'd welcome new ideas for doing that, as well as comments about what we have done so far.

In the meantime have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Written by Sky News, December 18, 2007


I like to say that please let the world tolk about human rights for people living with HIV/AIDS in remotes areasin African continent especially YOUTH who are vulnerable

As "Tina Turner" said, yo are "Simple The Best"

I have had two user names on your discussion board and on both occasions I have seemingly been banned from using them and have been unable to log on to the discussion boards. I have never been abusive or in breach of your rules I am now unable to join in the discussions on these boards and would like to know why.I have reported this to you on several occasions and you never reply.

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