UK Quake: The Aftermath
February 28, 2008

By Julian March, Executive Producer, sky.com/news

A couple of interesting things came out of the quake yesterday.

sky.com/news got more page impressions at 1 o'clock in the morning yesterday than it did at 9 o'clock.  Here's a glimpse under the bonnett at our figures for yesterday:


Some of those were referrals from our good friend www.drudgereport.com (thanks Matt!) but it showed me more convincingly than ever before that people now leap online for breaking news just as much as they switch on the TV...

(stick with this...)

This video was taken by journalism student Dave Lee - read his blog here.

And more mickey-taking from sky.com/news users in our user pictures page yourphotos.sky.com.

Our appeal for pictures of quake damage produced as many spoofs as serious pix.  I moderated most of them myself:  A few looked like shots of destroyed houses from previous genuine, much more serious, disasters, which I failed (I didn't think they were very funny), but I let through the others, collated here.  It's pretty clear that you were just having a bit of fun, so why not leave them in, I thought!  It was an interesting way to engage with the story.

Thanks to all of you who took part  - I dare say there'll be more opportunities for similar in the future, so keep visiting!

Written by Sky News, February 28, 2008


In my 7th floor apartment I genuinely thought the building was about to collapse, the shockwave went through everything, even my internal organs. Very unusual.

I woke at 12.57 having been thrown half way off my bed by the earth temor, i thought i was dreaming until my brother shouted me and i put skynews one, this one my 1st ever one ive felt,

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