Carol Barnes, The Most Unstarry Of Stars
March 08, 2008

350barnesBy Simon Bucks, Associate Editor

In the 1980s and early 90s I worked with one of the nicest, warmest and most genuinely human people you could hope to meet - especially in the cut-throat and competitive world of television news.

Her name: Carol Barnes, or Barnsey as we all knew her at ITN. She was the most unstarry of stars. Sometimes newscasters (as we learned to call them) start to believe their own PR and become very grand, even supercilious with lesser mortals like producers and programme editors.

Not so Barnsey. She was one of us, part of the team. She mucked in, and after the programme she came to the pub with us, drank with us, and chatted and gossipped with us. She was a pal.

She had a wonderful, self-deprecating, throwaway sense of humour and an earthy, throaty giggle when she found something funny, which she often did.

She was also a very serious journalist, with a sharp news sense and a keenness to get things absolutely right. She was a TV natural, so it was no wonder she was one of Britain's most popular and best-loved screen personalities.

Her personal life was not so happy, and the death of her daughter in a sky-diving accident was a terrible blow. But she battled on, playing golf and bridge and keeping in touch with friends despite her obvious sadness.

Barnsey will be missed by her family, her friends and her colleagues - and by the millions of television viewers who knew her only through the small screen.

Written by Sky News, March 08, 2008


Having a daring daughter myself of a similar age, I sympathised so much with her when she died tragically in an accident. I regret never having come across her in Brighton as I always warmed to her.
My sympathy goes out to her son and all her family in their devastating loss of such a lovely person.

So sad is the passing of a really lovely lady, I didn't know her, but from the screen she always was a pleasure to listen to. Sadly so many people pass away but how many are truly remembered. At least she had all her family with her at the end except her daughter. RIP Carol you will be missed and thinking of all your family and friends at this sad time.

My deepest sympathy to carols family, another well loved person from tv that we will miss, may you be with your lovely daughter and disgussing the day to day news together for ever more.
Julie xxx

I didnt know you Carol, but i saw you for years reading the news, and thought what a lovely person you were, warm and friendly.
My thoughts are with your family at this sad time, God bless you Carol

With due respect to the many a professional within the industry, the late Carol Barnes will indeed be sadly missed as moments gone by will be [Lost In Thought]. I can only but express deepest sympathy to her family and friends as her memory will continue like [Jon Hopkins].

i have woken and have asked a question to myself..
Why are your eyes welled up..
Why do you have to focus and gather yourself to take a breath..
I was not a personal friend ,nor have i had any indirect contact, but as many ,i am oh so gutted and life seems strange without her here. .. .

so sad....she was a pleasure to listen too......her voice was so warm.....she was the perfect newsreader.....just the right amount of emotion whatever she was reading...sad news...happy news....and something shocking she showed the right emotion....I am so sad she has died....it was sad news about her daughter afew yrs ago and now this sad news today....God Bless Carol and may you rest in peace with your beloved daughter...

Sad loss she was a great news reader one of the best sadly missed

In this age of overpaid, overindulged newscasters, Carol Barnes stood out as a genuine pro. I was brought up on Carol Barnes - news at 10, news at 5.45...God we'll miss her. A natural, unpretentious presenter. How fitting that one of her last projects on TV should involve bringing to light the plight of a former colleague to alcohol addiction. Almost as if fate played a hand in that. I was truly touched by that documentary. One concern I do have though is that in a daily mail piece a couple of years ago she referred to taking a daily dosage of Gingko Bilboa. This same herb has now been linked with an increased risk in strokes. I hope someone is able to research this thoroughly. I'm a strong fan of alternative health but some herbs can be stronger than we realise. God bless you Carol and I'm sure you'll be there with your daughter smiling down on us.

God bless her and she was always on the screen and greeted the nation with her lovely face and smile. Her voice was always wonderful. I am so sorry that she has died.

Her daughter dying in a freak accident was a blow and now she will join her in the heaven above and smile to those who have thought about her and loved her. The nation has lost another great newsreader and journalist. God bless her and her family.

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