Sky News Unplugged - A New Weekly Show
May 12, 2008

350x180_promoSky News launches a completely new programme today - Sky News Unplugged, available only online and on Sky News Active.

Presented by Martin Stanford - it will take a sideways look at the week's news. We don't really know how it's going to turn out yet!

The show  will air first live at 12:45pm on Wednesday May 14th on the Sky News website here: http://news.sky.com/skynews/livenewsevents and for red button satellite viewers on Sky news active.

Afterwards it will be available on demand on here and it will be re-shown on Sky News Active.

Guests for the first show include Nick Pope (http://www.nickpope.net/ ) who used to run the British Government's UFO Project and is now recognised as one of the world's leading experts on the unexplained. Plus Olly Mann and Helen Zaltzmann from the Answer Me This podcasts ( http://answermethis.wordpress.com/ ). Other guests will be announced later.

Please give us your questions or thoughts for Martin and the guests on this blog. Or e mail us at skynewsunplugged@gmail.com

Written by Sky News, May 12, 2008


we (family) have been witnessing and recording (pics and vids) unidentified flying objects since last dec 2007 here in london, lambeth...who should we contact to report these sightings (including sometimes while they are happening) keeping our right to remain anonimous? thanks

The only UFO's flying around in our air space are our or other governments unclassified air craft.

does nick know what the big nasa announcement will be later today?

hello martin
could you ask mr pope does he belive in ufos.
thank you

Could you please ask Nick Pope if:

1. He knows anything on the alleged UN Meeting on UFOs last February?

2. he believes Mr. Steven Greer from the Disclosure project who says he is planning an actually planned extra terrestrial contact landing with one of the G8 countries?

3. he believes that public disclosure on the whole UFO phenomenon is coming in the coming years?

Please ask Nick Pope if he knows about any above secret operations to stop alien witnesses from talking, or to make them all seem ridiculous.
Thank you.

online - unplugged?

Could you please ask Nick to look at this photo I took In january 2008 in Liverpool.My son and I watched for 10 mins as these hovered over next doors garden.



I actually sent a mail to Nick
last night asking him to contact me about this.What a funny coincidence.

Does this mean the [Sleeping Sattelite] will not be able to view [Tasmin Archer] at her finest? How do I go about getting Sky mobile broadband from http://www.sky.com/broadband

Sounds like good fun!

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