This week On Sky News Unplugged
May 19, 2008

This week on Sky News Unplugged: Jamie Durie, Aussie hunk, landscape gardener, TV personality and former Chippendale male stripper. He's got a garden at this week's Chelsea Flower show.

Also, now that even Gordon Brown has clambered aboard the YouTube bandwagon  we'll be asking if  politicians really should be doing web video. Guests include Kevin O'Sullivan,  "the real TV Mr. Nasty" of the Sunday Mirror. 

Plus another Australian - comedian Brendan Burns, winner of the Edinburgh if.comedy award  (formerly the Perrier award) with his show So I suppose This Is Offensive Now.

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Written by Sky News, May 19, 2008


As the age of media has got everything singing [We're Lost In Music] how refreshing indeed that divine politicians use all media elements to win the hearts and minds of [Sister Sledge] let alone that fact, I feel your pain.It really begs the question why does quality only come form Sky, albeit uncut and on-demand whenever we choose to view. Excellent is really an understatement.

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