How I got where I am - Tejas Kotecha
June 03, 2008

As part of the Sky Young Journalists Awards 2008 five young journalists from Sky News describe different aspects of their career so far.

I had always wanted to go into journalism since I was about 10 years old. I had written letters on various topics to the local newspaper's letters page and to football magazines as I was growing up. I knew then that going into journalism was what I wanted to do.

Getting to work at Sky News for me was a fairly long process. I finished my degree in Journalism at Sheffield University in 2003. I then searched for work in a few places unsuccessfully and while doing this I did some work experience anywhere I could. This included for my local paper and at Sky News. These placements just made me more determined to work in TV journalism.

I then went back to Sheffield university to study for a Masters in Politics. Towards the end of that course I noticed a 12-month Graduate Trainee Scheme at Sky News. I thought this sounded perfect and I had to send my CV and write 500 words on the future of Sky News. I applied via e-mail at around 9pm on the deadline day!

After a couple of rounds of interviews which included current affairs tests and decision-making in a newsroom environment I was offered the role of Graduate Trainee. I couldn't believe it at first and it took a while to sink in.

As a trainee we did attachments all over Sky News including working in the political bureau in Westminster, working on the planning desk and "field producing" on the ground. 

At the end of the trainee scheme I was offered the role of a sports producer here at Sky News. I didn't have to think too long to say yes!

Despite the early starts the job is great and involves everything from writing what the presenters read on the autocue, setting up interviews, going out on location to do some interviews yourself and helping the reporter put together his report for the Sky news bulletin.

It's a great job and I can't imagine myself doing anything else or enjoying myself as much.


Written by Sky News, June 03, 2008


Since the days when Sky News was incepted, and writng purely from a viewers' perspective, not only have we seen a dramatic change within on-air broadcast media, but the [Itsy Bitsy Spider] web has provided avenues never utilised before, and what a contrast indeed as others now adopt Sky' implementations.
My career path has been varied and at times unbeleivable, whereby the uncovering of many a policy doctrine leaves little to the imagination as to why [Carly Simon] is in such a state.
By way of example,I proudly served Sky Marketing many years ago and since that time have had the greatest pleausre in blogging upon what I can only construe to be the worlds' favourite web, let alone the most interactive site ever.
All in all and notwithstanding the state of our humble law courts, I remain open to working with Sky in any such capacity Sir Julian deems fit and shall endeavour to ensure that his coffee or tea is as sweet as the views enjoyed on channel 501 on the digital platform.
God Bless Sky and god bless my bank account! ooh nearly forgot those independant judges.......

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