Sky news Unplugged: Drugs Special
June 26, 2008

350x180_promoThis week's Unplugged is now on the site - watch it HERE.

The Legalise Cannabis guys are taken on by comedian John Ryan and former coke addict Dan Butcher. They get some support from Libertarian Tim Carpenter. Judge for yourself who wins the argument!

Written by Sky News, June 26, 2008


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I suspect that Governments are against the legalisation of cannabis because they are concerned about losing tax receipts. They fear a reduction in the consumption of heavily taxed alcohol and fear that as cannabis can be grown at home, they will not be able to tax it to replaced lost revenue.

It would be useful for those people who blame cannabis for all sorts of problems to actually produce the research to validate their claims, so far I have not seen any. And when they do, it would also be useful to compare cannabis effects to those that follow on from legally available medications and substances.

As far the argument that cannabis is the "gateway" drug.. to harder substances I am also waiting to see if anyone can produce research to back up these claims. Otherwise I can make my own unsubstantiated claim.. Alcohol is the "gateway" drug... chocolate is the "gateway" drug.. potato is the "gateway" drug.

For all intents and purposes Cannabis has been proven to be as harmless as petrol without fire. Re-classification is only coming about because of voter apathy to be seen to be tough of crime and nothing else, notwithstaning many a bye-election gone by. As every thing nowadays is legally [Killing Me Softly] then why cant us [Fugees] make an informed choice alongside the specialists whom the government have again chosen to ignore? My advice for government is to try it and C, but I bet they already have in many a case!

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