Sky News Unplugged - Health And Horror
June 17, 2008

350x180_promoWhy would you have piercings in your nose, your lips, your eyebrows, your belly-button - or indeed in places I can't mention on a family blog?

On Sky News Unplugged this week we'll be talking to piercer and piercee, Toby Caldicott (whose Kids Love Ink shop also does tattoos.)

Not sure what one of our other guests Judith Chalmers will make of all this. She's heading up a campaign on behalf of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to alert people to the dangers of buying medicines abroad and not being able to read the label.

Dr. Carol Cooper who is well known to Sky News readers and viewers will be giving us her forthright views on all of this and much more. 

If this all sounds a bit serious, comedian Russell Kane

And if it all sounds horrific, Adam Nevill won't mind - he wants to make horror a mainstream genre in English fiction.

Join Martin Stanford and guests live here at 1 pm, or on Sky News Active. As usual, afterwards it will be available on demand.

Written by Sky News, June 17, 2008


on seeing this, (a subject that I've always been interested in, but never taken part in myself,) I wondered why some of the panel members felt the need to make fun and ridicule some of the very valid points made by the young man. no wonder such an industry is still seen as stigmatised in some eyes!?

Why do i get piercings? Because they make me happy. I don't need any other reason.

I have a question... Why is it socially acceptable to have your ears pierced, but to have any other part of the body piered is frowned upon?

So there you go, if its unplugged, its gonna be a [Thriller-Michael Jackson]. Hope the pain has eased.

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