My Week - Catherine Morton
June 19, 2008

As part of the Sky Young Journalists Awards 2008 five young journalists from Sky News describe different aspects of their career so far. Here Catherine Morton, Sky News producer, describes her work.

One of the best things about being a journalist at Sky News is that no two weeks are the same - it's part of the reason I love my job so much. I work on Live at 5 - Sky News' flagship programme - which means I start work at 9.30am and finish at 7pm. The shift is geared towards our 'on air' time (5pm-7pm).

I am in charge of one or two stories a day and must work with the reporters assigned to them to produce a news report. This involves researching the story, organising interviews, setting up filming, commissioning graphics and editing the piece to be ready for air at 5pm. And that doesn't take into account what happens while we're on air - I have to react to breaking news, rewrite scripts for the presenters and cut new picture that's coming in.

Time is my main nemesis - sometimes a report is finished only a few seconds before it is about to go on air. But that's also what can make things really exciting - it's amazing how much you can get done in just one minute!

This week has been heavily political with a major vote on the 42-day terror detention passed through the Commons, the shock resignation of Shadow Home Secretary David Davis as a result and Ireland rejecting an EU reform treaty which has serious implications for the EU. A lot of complicated issues to get my head round before finding an interesting way to explain them on television. It's a good job I have a few days off now to recover!

Written by Sky News, June 19, 2008


Beloved Sky News Producder
One of the most interesting part of being a Sky News viewer is that we get to see first hand all the timely errors that appear before us, whether political, graphical or even worse.
Naturally, as a mystery viewer, it would not be in the interest of independance to leak information as to what time I watch Sky news, but I have seen your work throughout the course of the day, and may I say what a splendid chap that Jeremy Thompson is, as well as Anna Botting, Chris Roberts, Mark, Adam Boulton, Kay Burley, Tasmin, Steve, Tim Marshall,Colin (The Great) Brazier, Jason De LA Penne, Geoff, Julian, Martin Stanford, Emma, Lisa, Martin Brunt and many others that bring such glorious moments for our digestion.
As for David Davis I would'nt put it down to shock, but joy, whilst the shock is the fact that if the treaty says no, they dont, but are we really that surpised?
Any way, as it happens, I have a few days off 9would you believe the coincidence?) starting now, and if you would care to share my [Chocolate] I can put on my cv they [Aaron Sky]. So,shall we have a stella circa 9pm today and go from there.
Thank you very much for making Sky News the best News Channel and may I wish you all at Sky the very very best for the future.

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