The Best Thing About My Job Is - Tejas Kotecha
June 19, 2008

As part of the Sky Young Journalists Awards 2008 five young journalists from Sky News describe different aspects of their career so far.

The best thing about my job (sports producer) is:

1) Every day is different to another. One day I could be chasing an interview with Tim Henman and the other I could be putting together a report on the World Snooker Championships.

2) The job can involve everything from "cutting" pictures for a sports bulletin very quickly to get them on TV... to going on location to actually do interviews and helping a correspondent to put together his report .

3) Meeting and chatting to many powerful and famous people. I've had a chance to interview both Alistair Darling (now Chancellor then Trade Secretary) & then Lib Dem leader Ming Campbell, and to meet Sir Steve Redgrave and Dame Kelly Holmes.

4) The people I work with. We are always talking about the big sporting issues of the day. Whether it's which club Jose Mourinho should join or if Kevin Pietersen is England's best batsman, there are always debates and arguments to be had in between all the hard work!

5) And finally one of the best things is actually telling people what you do as a sports producer on Sky News. It's always a great way to start a conversation and always gets people asking "how did you end up doing that?" and what kind of things do you do in the job? 

Tejas Kotecha

Written by Sky News, June 19, 2008


As with all the best things [Underneath The Sky] quality is viewed by the viewer no matter how interesting a day may appear to be.
Many a job naturally adopts practices that are either best or otherwise boring, however, the quality of the multi camera option when viewing sky sports on the digital platform is pioneered to such levels that it is only availably from those wonderful people who also make htp://www.sky.com the best in the world.
Thus far as the many a personality interviewed or attempts made to get a straight answer, then I can only say how lucky I am not to be subjected to such a headache, knowing full well whatever they say today, it will be history before you wake up, as rhetoric is a common practice within many a department.
Still, do you have a free ticket for me to go to Ascot today, cos there is a superstar there I would love to meet with and have a private conversation with whilst enjoying [Oasis].
O When will you revert back before the end of the night today?
I promise to be good and watch sky sports forever onwards.

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