Living With A Tighter Belt
June 03, 2008

350x180_promoThis week's Sky News Unplugged (live here at 1 pm Wednesday - please note the new time)  will reveal how to cope when your bills are going up and your income isn't.

Martin Stanford's guests include a Freegan - the people who reckon that rubbish bins are a good place to find perfectly good food (and other stuff) which people have theown out unncessarily.

Perrier winner Will Hodgson will be giving his take  on this lifestyle, and everything else.

Also joining will be  Richard Yendall, who runs cashback web sites like Cashbackkings. They work by giving you money back when you buy something online. It may sound like a gimmick but Richard says it's the smart way to shop.

And finally, the Queen of budge-squeezed household, Rosie Millard, who has made a living out of telling people how to get by on less.

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Written by Sky News, June 03, 2008


As that very precious moment is [Coming Around Again] and genetically modified food is amongst the topics of convervation, is that the reason why the email address [email protected]. has a 'gm' domain or is it nothing for [Carley Simon] to worry about?

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