This Blog Has Moved
July 01, 2008

This blog has moved.   As part of the changes to the Sky News website, our blogs are moving to a new platform and I am afraid that means they have new URLs.

Please clIck HERE to go to the new URL.

If you have bookmarked this blog, please make sure you change it to the new address.

Sky News blogs now have a new home page, displaying the latest posts, which you can find HERE.

If you want to make a comment on the new blogs, you will need to sign up. It's a simple process and will also allow you to use the new story-tracking feature on the Sky News site.

We have moved recent blog posts to the new blogs, but unfortunately we cannot move the comments as well. Sorry about that.

We hope you like the new-look Sky News site. If you have any comments please send them to us, either by using the survey form on the new site, the feedback area on the Discussion boards or by e mailing messages@skynews.co.uk

Many thanks.

Written by Sky News, July 01, 2008